Case Study - Start building with your audience

BuildPublic is the AI tool that elevates your 'build in public' game on Twitter. We streamline the process, making it easier than ever to share your progress, engage with your audience, and build your brand

Product Development, AI Tool


When we launched BuildPublic, the mission was crystal clear: make the life of an Indie Hacker a whole lot easier by automating their Twitter game. We wanted to remove the daily grind of social media management so they could focus on what they do best—building awesome stuff. Our tool came loaded with features like tone-specific tweet generation, a "create-from-zero" option to kill the dreaded blank page, a community board highlighting Build in Public posts, automated replies, and analytics.

User interviews with indie hackers helped us fine-tune the product for a solid market fit. We built up a waiting list, rolled out the MVP in just 3 months, and things were looking up. Then came the Elon Musk factor, making our operation costs unaffordable, which led to the tough decision to shut down.

While BuildPublic had to close shop, the experience was invaluable. We understood our audience, executed a speedy MVP, and even faced the "Elon hurdle"—all of which have been incredible learning curves.

What we did

  • Frontend & Backend (Next.js)
  • Product Design
  • UX
  • Social Media

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